Service Agreement

DMV Home Cleaners aims to maintain a good relationship with you, by being flexible, understanding and accommodating. To make our relationship simpler and avoid any surprises going forward, we have created this information sheet. Please refer to it whenever needed or contact us with any questions.



Equipment & Products: DMV Home Cleaners provides all equipment and products such as cleaning solutions, brooms, mops, rags, vacuums, etc. unless otherwise requested. The one thing we do request you provide are toilet brushes. For sanitary reasons, we do not carry these in between households. Our services include cleaning all hard surfaces and items on them, but WE DO NOT CLEAN ELECTRONICS such as computer screens and televisions. We do not do any scrubbing of carpets or upholstery as they are restricted from our insurance. Washing dishes are typically not included in our cleanings, but can be added for an additional charge.


Health Precautions: We will not clean any areas with body fluids from humans or animals. Areas with mice or other pest infestations will be avoided. If we encounter unsanitary conditions, we reserve the right to immediately vacate the premises.


Our Cleaners: All DMV Home Cleaners are bonded and insured. All employees also have passed their criminal background checks and drug screening as well as thorough screenings and interview processes. We provide training and testing to all employees to uphold the DMV Home Cleaners standards. Our cleaners are known to have good references, and are honest and reliable. You will be assigned a team that will be dedicated to your recurring cleanings. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have for your cleaner.


Pictures: We often take before and after pictures at our job sites for our records. We will not use any pictures on social media without asking your permission first.


Refunds: Our number one goal is to make you happy. If you are not happy with your cleaning, we will come out and re-clean within a 3-day window. DMV Home Cleaners does not provide refunds.


Prepare for us: If this is your first time using our services we recommend ordering our Deep Clean to get your home prepared for ongoing maintenance. Before our arrival please make sure your dishes are cleaned and out of your sink unless your have ordered that extra service. The more that your home is prepared for us, the more progress we will be able to make during our time there. Also, if your home needs specific decluttering and organizing please select the organization add-on from the Booking Page.



Things we don’t do:


  • Clean TVs, Computers, and other electronics (we dust them)
  • Lifting & moving heavy furniture/objects
  • Cleaning hazardous substances such as feces, blood, etc
  • Cleaning infested properties with rodents, bugs, etc
  • Move appliances connected to water or gas
  • Service clients that are not kind to our staff



Visit the Booking Page to book your service.